1. Terms and Conditions for Using the Online Shop www.souvenirmarket.net.

    1.1 Using the online platform www.souvenirmarket.net is completely free and accessible from all over the world.

    1.2 In order to shop in the e-shop, the following information is required: e-mail, customer names, delivery address and telephone.

2. Order layout:

     2.1 After a customer's order has been finalized and successfully processed, the user receives a notification from the customer

the e-mail mentioned, and the confirmation includes information about the date, time and order number.

     2.2 If the ordered goods (a particular model) is not available, the operator of the online platform www.souvenirmarket.net is

If he does not agree that the order is related to another (similar) item, the order may be

changed or canceled.

      2.3 Orders in the online store are accepted 24 hours / 7 days a week from the platform.

      2.4 a.In order for a cancellation to be valid, the customer must indicate both names, the mobile number that is registered

and the order number.

3. Reclamation of a good:

      3.1. The consumer has the right to claim the purchased goods within 14 days.

      3.2. Refusal of purchased goods can also be made to the courier of the shipment (if the customer is not satisfied with the delayed delivery or

another reason which is not a direct consequence of its action).

      3.3. Refunds are made after the customer returns the item in the form in which it was received.

      3.4. Amounts paid to couriers are not refunded from the online platform www.souvenirmarket.net.

      3.5. In the case of replacement of goods, the transport costs are borne by the CUSTOMER, except in cases where the substitution is made by fault

the seller.